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Professional Profile

A professional with a varied business background.

Qualified professional with diverse expertise in the business sector. I serve as a professor, academic lecturer at leading business and engineering universities, including those based in Paris, Los Angeles, and Warsaw Poland. 

With 16 years of experience in the business world, I have specialized in sustainability, strategic and operational management, compliance, and project management. 

My professional background includes international work for renowned global brands, including retail (METRO AG), fashion (Lacoste and GANT), e-commerce and luxe/art (Singulart). 

My expertise and experience makes me an asset to any organization I work for and cooperate with and enable me to provide valuable insights into complex business challenges.

My Education

Help create a sustainable future for the planet

My professional background is complemented by a academic profile that includes a diverse range of qualifications.Thanks to the triple doctorates, namely in Business Administration (DBA), Laws (LLD), and Philosophy (PhD), with a specialization in Environmental Studies. 

I have combined my doctorate and master studies with practical Postgraduate Degrees: Compliance Manager, Data Protection Manager (GDPR),  Compliance Manager and Quality Management  System Auditor (ISO 9001:2015) for further extension of business expertise. 


Contribution to Sustainability Strategy

My expertise and experience enables me to provide organizations with valuable insight into sustainability reporting and strategy.

I am able to offer a complete view of this process, covering everything from legal and environmental factors to the business aspects.

My guidance assists organizations in addressing sustainability issues effectively, enhancing both their transparency and accountability in this critical area.

Working with future leaders

Teaching is my passion

Universities where you can join my courses, and workshops

Business Activities

Leveraging an extensive background in business and academics, I provide expertise in sustainable strategic management, compliance consulting, and operations to support organizations in navigating complex business challenges.

My expertise rests in three core business areas where I provide my support.
Business Activities​


Thanks to my extensive academic knowledge and a certification Compliance Management, I offer expert advice in sustainability reporting, legal compliance, and strategic planning, helping businesses enhance transparency, accountability, and adhere to environmental norms.

Supply Chain
and Operations

With international experience across renowned global brands, I deliver tailored advice on supply chain optimization and efficient operational management, ensuring robust, agile, and sustainable business processes.


As an accomplished academic lecturer, I conduct transformative business workshops in leading universities globally, disseminating practical knowledge and skills to future business leaders and professionals in strategic management, compliance, and sustainability.

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